A SCCAP Community Solution

Adams County

Thank you all, so much.  

We would have nothing to glean if it wasn't for you. We would have nothing to eat either.

This community solution depends on our local farmers. You feed us every day with the most delicious, most nutritious foods we can find anywhere. And we appreciate it so much.

Please support all our South Central PA farmers. Because this is our community. Because their food is the best.

Franklin County

Why donate to The Gleaning Project?
​We'll let our farmers tell you...

"No farmer wants to see their food go to waste. They know how good it is… and all that it took to grow it.” 

- Bryan Bender, Bender Farms

​"Reduction of waste on the farm is philosophically great. Social justice. You guys make it so easy.” 

- Ben Wenk, Three Springs Fruit Farm

"One of the most positive and rewarding aspects has been meeting so many wonderful people who give their time for the benefit of others. This is truly what "community" is all about."

-Leslie Tiffany, Indian Acres Farm

The Gleaning Project saves good food with large groups of volunteers at all-you-can-pick farm and orchard parties and by fielding small teams for more targeted harvesting. We also run trucks and trailers around the counties to pick up excess food from larger packing houses and farms.

Our volunteers are trained in food safety, taught good harvesting techniques, and managed by knowledgeable staff.

We collect at farms, markets, orchards, stores, and backyard and community gardens all over Franklin and Adams.  Growers call us when they’ve got product for gleaning, we send out a call for volunteers, and go save some food!

Who Contributes?

Where Does Gleaned Food Come From?

Click for more information about these generous growers...

Andrews Farm Market

Bender Farms
Bending Bridge Farm

Benedict’s Produce Farm
Cheesetown Produce Farm

Chesley Vegetable Farms

​Conklin Farms

Country Creek Produce Farm

Foot of the Mountain Farm

Franklin County Master Gardeners
Fulton Farm at Wilson College

Hillside Poultry Farm

Lesher’s Poultry Farm
Long Lane Farm

Summer Creek Farms

Toigo Orchards
Village Acres Farm

...not to mention the many bountiful home gardens who also glean.