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Looking for other ways to access fresh produce in Adams County?

The Adams County Food Policy Council and The Adams County Farm Fresh Market offer multiple nutrition assistance programs to make fresh food more accessible to ALL people.

SNAP, FMNP, and SFMNP at the Farm Fresh Market:
Did you know that the farmers market at the Transit Station in Downtown Gettysburg accepts SNAP EBT cards? They also accept
WIC Farmers Market dollars (FMNP), and Senior Market dollars (SFMNP). Even better: The market matches up to $15 daily in SNAP, and doubles all FMNP, and SFMNP benefits.  So for $15 in SNAP benefits, you receive $30 in market tokens to shop for eligible foods at the market. If you have a $5 voucher from WIC or from the office for aging, the market will give you $10 in tokens. For more info click here.

​Healthy Options is a food voucher program that offers individuals and families who do not qualify for SNAP, but are food insecure (within 160%-250% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines), a set amount of coupons to use at the Farm Fresh Market during the summer, and at the Kennies Markets during the winter. For more info: 

Looking for a place to turn?

PA 2-1-1 is a statewide resource for those in need.  Dial 2-1-1 to find out about services and assistance in your area, or browse services and organizations online.

If you are in crisis, please refer to this list of regional PA 2-1-1 assistance numbers to contact an organization directly. 

In Adams County, you can refer to the list of resources on pages 40-47 of the

Adams County Local Foods Guide.

In Franklin County, refer to this list.

Gleaned produce is available to individuals and families who are "food insecure". This means that they don't have reliable access to enough affordable, nutritious food. We encourage "eaters" to take as much produce as they can use and share, but to be mindful of other "shoppers", and please don't be wasteful.

Gleaning Produce Stands are located at each of our  SCCAP (South Central Community Action Programs) locations in Gettysburg and Chambersburg, PA.  The produce stands are located at the back of the buildings by the food pantry entrances : 


153 N. Stratton St. (rear of building)

Monday and Wednesday


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 

9:00am - 3:00pm


533 S. Main St. (rear of building)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

9:00am to 3:00pm

The gleaning season is highly variable, but typically runs mid-June through late November.

Information for Eaters