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In Field Gleans

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During the fall months when we have apples and winter squash coming out of our ears, we ask volunteers to help make tasty treats to distribute to our community partners.  Take our apples, make an apple cake, and we’ll deliver it to the women’s shelter. Take some winter squash, make a pie, and we'll deliver it to the homeless shelter. The possibilities are endless! It's a great family activity to teach kids the importance of giving back. And what better excuse to bake all those treats that you don't want to eat all yourself! 

Produce ​
​Re-Packaging for Distribution

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Preservation Parties

Produce is often gleaned or picked up in mass quantities that our community partners can’t accommodate individually.  Volunteers help repackage this produce into smaller, more appropriate containers for community partners to distribute from. Repackaging typically takes place at the SCCAP offices in Gettysburg and Chambersburg and lasts one to two hours.

During times of excess (or if we receive damaged produce) we preserve it by freezing and canning so that pantries and other community partners can offer produce through the winter months as well. These events are typically two hours long and held at community partner locations.  No experience is needed!  Come learn, teach, and share.

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Baking For A Good Cause

Produce Deliveries

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Produce Pick-Ups

Volunteers help us pick up unsold produce from local farm markets and deliver it to our SCCAP offices (533 S. Main St, Chambersburg or 153 N. Stratton St. Gettysburg) for temporary cold storage or immediate distribution. 

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"It's a simple hands-on way to prevent waste, make good use of resources, connect with community, and help those who need it, while also encouraging local ag and healthy eating. In short, it rocks!"

​​​- ​Donna Kolaetis,


Volunteers are essential to our distribution model, helping deliver fresh produce to our community partners all over Franklin and Adams counties.  We aim to make this work as convenient as possible, encouraging folks to pick up and deliver produce along their regularly traveled routes throughout the counties.  Anyone with a vehicle can haul a box of veggies!

This is our core volunteer need from July-November. In-field gleans are held at local farms and orchards in Franklin and Adams Counties.  They last 1-2 hours and are held in the evenings, weekends, and sometimes mornings to avoid summer heat.  Be prepared for physical labor, outside work, and an awesome time.​ Check out the calendar below for upcoming gleans, or contact us to schedule a group glean with your church, school or business.

We invite you to help us with:

How Can I Help?

"That was the most fun I've had in a long time!"

​​​- ​George Baker,


In 2016: 

1,100 friends and neighbors from Franklin and Adams Counties volunteered 4,200 hours of their time to The Gleaning Project's mission, picking, picking up, and moving 315,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables from waste to want.

We glean anytime there's food available - our busiest months are June through December.  

Come once, once a month, once a week, or every other day.  You’re always welcome…  

Invite your work, school, or community group.  Glean individually, with family, or friends.  

When it fits your schedule and when it’s worth your time, we will love to see you out here.

Volunteer events with The Gleaning Project vary widely and can accommodate just about any schedule, age, ability, or interest level.  Read on to learn more about the different ways you can volunteer, or click here to vie
w our volunteer handbook.

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