​​Gardening Supplies

- Gardening tools

- Seeds

- Transplants

- Potting soil​

Promotional Materials

- Printable magnets

- Button making supplies

- Blank flags and portable flag poles

​-Blank yard signs

Dreaming Big...​
- EZ-Up canopy
- Outdoor storage shed
- Forklift
​- Pallet Jack​

Many Thanks to our Donors

We are thoroughly and endlessly thankful for the support that makes this project possible:

Community Service Block Grant

Community Development Block Grant

The Summit Endowment

The Foundation for Enhancing Communities Franklin County Foundation

LUSH Cosmetics

​AMVETS, Fairfield

The Gettysburg High School Horticulture II Class

The Dunkin Donuts Foundation

Proceeds from our annual Empty Bowls fundraiser (Adams County)

and Soup for Soul 2015 fundraiser (Franklin County)

as well as many individual donors...​

Make a monetary gift by clicking the donate button.

And Many More Thanks to:

The resourceful community problem solvers in our area who donate and share all kinds of good stuff that The Gleaning Project can put to the best use possible.

Buchanan Auto Park

  • Donated a 15 passenger van (now known as 'The Glean Machine')

Hillcrest Restaurant

  • Donated a large portion of their old walk-in cooler

Tom Shockey Collision

  • Provided the rollback tow truck to move that walk-in from Littlestown to Chambersburg

Kathy and Jeff Glahn

  • Donated an air conditioner and Coolbot cooler controller (and we were able to build ourselves a walk-in!)

​​Roy Pitz Brewing Company

  • Upcycles empty grain sacks for us to use as harvesting bags​

Lowes Home Improvement

  • Donated harvesting buckets and other materials

Countryside Gardens in Gettysburg

  • Regularly donates materials to The Gleaning Project, including soil and seedlings for our Adams County gardening projects.

Gettysburg Area High School FFA

  • Donated transplants for our Adams County Gleaning Garden

​Adams County Tech Prep

  • Built elevated raised beds, upcycling wooden pallets, for the Gettysburg gleaning area 

Kennie's Markets

  • Upcycles produce boxes for us to use as distributing and harvesting containers

The Gettysburg Area School District

  • Donated kitchen furniture and appliances for a future learning kitchen

South Central Community Action Programs, Inc.

is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and

donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

​Day to Day Needs

- Gas gift cards for the Glean Machines​

- Plastic grocery bags

Harvest Supplies 

- Pint and quart berry baskets
- Clean cardboard produce containers (berry flats, vegetable boxes, apple boxes)

- 1, 3, and 5 gallon buckets

Preservation Supplies

-Canning Jars (quarts, pints, regular mouth, wide mouth)

- New canning lids and old canning rings
​- Pint, quart, and gallon freezer bags
- Water bath canner, Pressure canner
- Stand alone burner


We're also on the lookout for these items:


If you have them and want to gift them - Great!  If you know folks who are throwing them away, please contact us via whatever method is most convenient - bottom of page has contact info.

Just like fruits and vegetables - whether it's a diaper box or a dump truck full, we'll take it and put it to good use.

Gleaning is a community solution.  The Gleaning Project relies on community support.

It's our priority to streamline our efforts, up-cycle, and reduce waste when and wherever possible. We still need monetary and material support to make our wildest glean dreams come true.

Your gift will take us a long way toward connecting our community, making good use of agricultural excess, reducing hunger, and improving nutrition in Adams and Franklin Counties...

Donate to The Gleaning Project

A SCCAP Community Solution