A SCCAP Community Solution


​Invest in our community by shopping and eating well.  ​Be informed about your purchases.  Buy locally and seasonally whenever possible.  Shop from farmers and businesses in our community to build our community. 

The strongest community is an informed, engaged community.  

Not only do we have an incredible bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables to go around here in South Central PA, we're also extremely lucky to have so many opportunities for each of us to make positive change with regards to hunger and food waste.  ​​

Educate and equip yourself about these issues.  See this reading list for a place to start...

Get involved with local and regional food, farming, and nutrition initiatives.

The Gleaning Project is just one community group working to change our world for the better. Check out these other awesome initiatives that are making good:

The Adams County Food Policy Council

Support Circles

South Central Community Action Programs

The L.E.A.F. Project

Healthy Adams County

The Greenhouse

The South Central PA Food Systems Alliance​​