A SCCAP Community Solution

​​​We're on a mission:

Connect our community

Make good use of

agricultural excess

Reduce hunger and

improve nutrition in

Adams and Franklin County, PA

"Gleaning" means collecting leftover crops from fields and orchards after they’ve been commercially harvested or from fields where it’s not economically profitable for farmers to pick.  

This food is perfectly good.  It would otherwise go to waste.  And once gleaned, it’s a donation from our local farmers to those - anyone - in our community who is unable to afford food for themselves or their families.  

In 2015, The Gleaning Project saved 300,000 lbs. of fresh, local produce from 80 donating farms, orchards, and gardens.  Those fresh fruits and vegetables were distributed for free to over 23,000 community members in need with the help of 70 distributing community partners.

The Gleaning Project is a regional, collaborative, nonprofit effort to reduce food loss on local farms and orchards, and increase food security in our communities under the umbrella of local community action agency - South Central Community Action Programs (SCCAP).